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How To Buy Commercial Mixing Equipment

If you are setting up a new restaurant, you are going to need a variety of industrial-strength mixing equipment. After all, a commercial kitchen cannot function without high quality mixing equipment. Some of the most common equipment used for mixing ingredients in a commercial kitchen includes a vertical cutter mixer, a dough mixer and a planetary mixer.

There are various other types but these 3 are the main types you will find in almost all the commercial kitchens. There are almost an endless number of brands and models, and choosing the right equipment could be tough for someone just getting started. Some of the features you should seriously consider when buying such equipment are the size of the mixer, mixing speed, horsepower and other such factors.

As far as the size of the mixer is concerned, these are available in a wide range of sizes. In fact, you shouldn’t have any problem in sourcing an extremely large mixer but the choice of size will depend on the available space. Make sure you buy a mixer that easily fits into the available space. There are high-strength units available at good prices.

The next factor you should consider is the horsepower of the mixer. Large commercial mixers typically come equipped with a high-powered motor. Choice of horsepower obviously depends on the intended use. If you intend to use the mixer for pizza dough, you would need a higher horsepower motor as compared to the power required for mixing dough with a lighter texture.

When it comes to mixing speeds, good quality mixers provide a variety of operating speeds. An important thing you need to keep in mind is that not all the models allow you to change the speed midway. You will need to shut down the unit and change the speed as changing speed midway puts a lot of stress on the rotor.

Overall, a variety of mixers are needed for smooth operations in a commercial kitchen. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind when choosing mixers to get the best value for your money.