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Advantages Of Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Not only are properly aligned teeth beautiful to look at, but they make oral hygiene so much easier. In fact, wearing braces is something that many people choose to do as adults. With that being said, we all know that traditional metal braces aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, which is why Invisalign is a much better alternative for teens and adults alike. Choosing to go with invisible braces offers numerous advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked!

*Invisalign looks better than traditional braces as they’re virtually invisible. You won’t see unsightly chunks of metal on your teeth and you won’t have to worry about food getting stuck between your teeth and your braces. Though not completely invisible, of course, these braces aren’t easy to notice and they don’t make the wearer feel self-conscious in any way.

*Clear braces are a lot more comfortable than metal braces as they’re removable. When you choose to eat, you can easily remove your braces unlike traditional braces that are held in place until completely removed.

*Traditional braces aren’t just dangerous to wear, but painful as well. In fact, some dentists advise their patients to take painkillers to counteract the pain. Not to mention, metal braces can leave sores in the inside of the mouth, damage gums, and lead to cavities. On the other hand, Invisalign braces aren’t just comfortable, but they don’t result in deterioration of your otherwise healthy teeth.

*Traditional braces may need to be worn up to five years in order to properly align your teeth. With invisible braces, you can see the magic in as little as a year or more. Basically, these innovative braces work the magic at a quarter of the time that traditional braces take to work.

*Traditional braces work through trial and error, therefore, the results are unknown to patients. Invisible braces are fully computerized and patients can get a clearer idea of how long the braces need to be worn in order to see great results. There are no surprises when you choose invisible braces.

If you’re ready to get the smile of your dreams, make sure you select the right dentist to install your Invisalign braces. Choosing these new and innovative braces will allow you to feel confident about aligning your teeth and not feel embarrassed about about wearing braces. It’s important to feel good about your smile, and healthy teeth will enable you to do just that!