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5 Signs that You Might Actually Need a Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy isn’t only used to treat physical imbalances or recover from injuries like sports physio Liverpool. It can also be used to improve one’s health in many ways. If you are wondering if you can receive physiotherapy, here are some signs that you need one:

1. Losing your balance


Loss of balance may be a result of inner ear issues or the vestibular system. Some symptoms include vertigo, dizziness, and other balance disturbances. The vestibular rehabilitation, a kind of physiotherapy, can be used to overcome the loss of balance by applying head, eye, and neck exercises to your body.


2. Being at your desk causes you pain


Sitting at your desk all day long may cause headache and backache. This stagnant posture may cause too much stress to our body which will begin with some strain and will lead to pain. By meeting with a physiotherapist, you will get to know the proper posture to avoid these strains. Some neck, arms, and back exercises will also be performed to relieve the pain. 


3. An injury leads to constant pain


After suffering from an injury such as a sprained ankle, your limp might hurt for a couple more weeks. However, if the pain still persists after that, you might want to consult with your physiotherapist to decrease the pain and return it back to normal after several sessions. 


4. Moving is not as easy as you used to 


If you feel like you are not as flexible as before such as inability to touch your toes anymore (when you can back then), then it is time to have your body assessed by a physiotherapist. A series of exercises will be performed to your body to regain your flexibility. 


5. You have started urinating uncontrollably


There are two types of urinary continence. The first is stress incontinence when your body is under pressure, and the second one is urge incontinence when urine leaks all of a sudden. Some may experience a combination of both and this may cause extreme uneasiness to your daily life. Physiotherapy has a designed treatment for urinary continence. 


Signs are not limited to these five signs! Consult the nearest physiotherapist near you to have your body assessed.